When you’re building, even with a good builder and tradespeople on board, robust project management is essential to ensure everything runs to schedule and costs don’t spiral out of control.

Building a new home from scratch or remodelling and improving what is already in place is a substantial investment in time and money. But there’s a lot more to do than just choose an architect, builder, the paint colours and fixtures & fittings if you want to ensure the finished result is exactly what you want and the cost is what you are expecting.

For the best results you need a project manager to oversee your build. Project managers focus on the big picture and co-ordinate all the trades involved ensuring critical inspections are completed, materials are on site when needed, resolve the issues that inevitably arise and keep the project moving forward on time and on budget.

If you have the time and the know-how to get the best results both financially and practically and can undertake this role yourself that’s great. However, the reality is most people don’t. Infact the prospect of building is quite daunting for most home owners.

How can you be sure you are aware of everything that’s involved and what needs to happen when?  Is there a magic “To-Do” list you can follow?


The answer is to have a skilled project manager by your side with a customised and effective management plan that they will execute to a very high standard with efficiency and commitment.


Cue Redbrick Homes.

With a hard work ethic, and a keen desire to see the very best value for time and money underpin each project they take on, Redbrick Homes deliver on their promise of quality through the use of industry experience, creative thinking, design expertise and practical implementation.

Offering support from any stage of the design or building process, Redbrick Homes can get involved with your project and take you successfully to a specified stage of completion.

By understanding both your objectives and the practicalities of building, Redbrick Homes works side by side with you to advise, to manage your contractors, communicate with Council, to keep tight control of your budget and to negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best value in all aspects from building materials and trades to finishes and fittings.

Redbrick Homes look forward to discussing how they can project manage your New Build to turn your plans and aspirations into a beautiful new home.


"I have personally carried out numerous mandatory inspections at critical stages of the build and can confirm that the quality of construction and the attention to detail displayed is of a vey high standard".

Sean Curtis, Certifier

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