David Biddle – Project Manager and Licenced Handyman

David has always been a very hands on and practical person.

From a very young age he remembers helping his parents with endless construction and maintenance projects. They could both turn their hand to pretty much anything practical and believed things should be fixed, not discarded.

Their “can do” approach had a lasting impact on David and over the years he has built up an extensive  range of hands on skills that has allowed him to take on ambitious practical projects with confidence and execute them to a very high standard.

Numerous properties have been reconfigured, renovated, refurbished or constructed from the ground up, adding great value in the process – not only financially but also from a practical and lifestyle perspective.

Loving where you live is important to David and he loves a construction challenge, relishing in thinking outside the box to come up with solutions that not only meet their objective but also look good and wherever possible provide additional benefits.


David has a natural ability when working with with design and space but is also passionate about efficiency and fastidious with attention to detail.


Combined with proven business success and project/people management skills gained from earlier careers in event production, marketing and in the marine industry, David’s hands on approach makes him ideally placed to ensure Redbrick Homes projects run smoothly, add value, are delivered seamlessly and exceed customer expectations.

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Contact Information

Phone: 0404 407770

Licence Number: 340673C - Expiry 04/08/2022

Location: Sydney North Shore

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