Looking for help with your property?

Working on your property can be a daunting prospect. Do you really know what you want? Can you envisage the outcome? Do you know where to start? Do you have the skills and time to do it yourself? Who do you use? If these are the thoughts that are holding you back you need a partner to help you.

Redbrick Homes assists with all aspects of property work – whether that be project management of a complete new build, providing ideas and assistance with property improvements, undertaking repairs and maintenance, advising on right sizing, helping get your property ready to sell or providing creative inspiration with interior design services.

How do you choose who to work with?

What are you looking for when choosing a partner for your next property project? Its highly likely these 10 things will be on your wish list…….

1. A partner that you can trust to deliver your unique project to a high standard, on time and on budget

2.  A partner that understands that one packaged solution isn’t right for everyone but can provide the flexibility to create the specification YOU want

3. A partner that is completely focused on one project at a time – YOURS, not someone else’s – that turns up on site every working day until your project is complete

4. A partner who excels at project management so you see your build progressing every day in a timely manner

5. A partner with years of industry experience and proven knowledge across a variety of trades and skills to ensure all aspects of your build are seamlessly integrated

6. To know with confidence you are getting great value for money

7. A partner that is pro-active with ideas and suggestions so as to add value in terms of extra features, benefits and cost savings

8. A partner that is fastidious with attention to detail and who takes immense personal pride in the project outcome

9. To see any unforeseen issues that inevitably arise being dealt with promptly and efficiently

10. And, you might also want the ability to be involved in the project as much or as little as you like

Fulfilling all these criteria, building value in every home and providing exceptional service is key to the Redbrick Homes experience.

In every building project, the desired outcome should be for an enjoyable experience with a beautiful end product that includes everything on the owners’ wish list without leaving a bad aftertaste because of a budget blowout, completion delays, poor workmanship or frayed nerves.


Contact Redbrick Homes today because there should be no compromise on your build experience.

Who are Redbrick Homes?

David Biddle is the driving force behind Redbrick Homes.

Together with his wife Christine, they provide a diverse range of practical skills, experience and creativity which will appeal to those discerning clients looking for a team to execute one off high quality building projects and who appreciate meticulous attention to detail, traditional design, innovation and efficiency.

To those clients the journey will be as important as the outcome – they will be looking for a team that delivers on their promises, displays a professional work ethic, takes pride in the outcome and which adds value at every level.

Welcome to Redbrick Homes…

Please contact us to discuss your construction, design & styling needs whether you need a Project Manager to oversee the building your new home, you’re upscaling your existing home with a Property Improvement, Rightsizing, preparing your home Ready to Sell, undertaking Repairs & Maintenance or need your Interior Design aspirations brought to fruition.

How did Redbrick Homes evolve?

When David & Christine set about to build a luxury 5 bedroom “red brick” home on Sydney’s North Shore, they knew they wanted to build a quality home that was uniquely different from the regular high end project houses that was the norm in the area.

And it had to deliver value both financially from a return on investment perspective but also have a lifestyle, aesthetic and liveability appeal too.

Those demands quickly proved a challenge. Frustrating let downs and failed communication in the building industry challenged their professional sensibilities and turned them into high end problem solving champions.

So, that meant thinking differently……. Thinking differently about which contractors to work with, thinking differently about which products and materials to use and where to source them from and thinking differently about design so that they could turn a run down 1950’s post war house into something practical and modern yet that met with Council approval and remained sympathetic to the heritage area in which they lived.

With a long history of building and renovating behind them as well as a proven natural ability to project manage complex tasks they were confident they had the skills needed to tackle a project of this size.

So, they embarked as Owner Builders and successfully executed their vision with the high quality and attention to detail needed to achieve their dream.

The quality and features of their ‘red brick home’ now speaks for itself – a stunning property filled with beautiful artifacts, extraordinary materials, outstanding design and technical facilities that make it a home they love to live in.

What can you expect when you work with Redbrick Homes?

By combining practical hands on experience, David’s extensive business acumen and Christine’s creative specialisations, Redbrick Homes delivers a partner to undertake your building project with you, listening to your aspirations and heading off problems before they arise.

Throughout your project, the Redbrick Homes team will be beside you, advising you, ensuring you are working with trustworthy contractors, and facilitating communication with all parties.

Redbrick Homes delivers peace of mind and a guarantee of honesty and achievability.

With Redbrick Homes in control of your building project your journey will be a rewarding one and your expectations will be exceeded – because for Redbrick Homes it’s all about delivering the extras not just the bare minimum.


"It’s been very satisfying for me to be part of a build where tremendous pride in the finished outcome is so apparent".

Sean Curtis

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